Physician Internal Medicine – Make up to 160/hourly

MDSI is the industry leader in doing social security disability exams, we started doing these exams in 1985 and set the standard for social security.We are contracted by the state to conduct evaluations on individuals who are applying for Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. You would be added to our firm of providers as an Independent Contractor to conduct these evaluations.xc2xa0 Being an Independent Contractor offers you the flexibility and freedom to work as little or as often as youxe2x80x99d like, based upon the needs of Social Security. We schedule 4-6 weeks in advance.One of the great points of working for MDSI is the exams are very low risk to you because you are not responsible for treating, prescribing, referring, or making the actual disability determination.xc2xa0 We also cover liability insurance for every day you work for us, this includes a ten year tail coverage.There is no overhead involved because you perform all exams in our clinics with our support staff (MA).Your job would be to offer an objective evaluation based on the examination with each claimant, including a brief review of records.xc2xa0 We do have a template that you would use to help you follow Social Security guidelines and what it is that they are looking for in your reports.xc2xa0 Also, our medical transcription staff will transcribe all your reports for you to streamline the dictation process. MDSI has created a dictation template that all our providers utilize that simplifies the process for you.Currently compensation is paid on a per evaluation basis. In the state of California, this amount is $60 per evaluation. This is a one-time objective physical exam.The Physical exams are scheduled for 30-minutes with brief review of records and dictation. 20-minutes with the patient and 10-minutes for dictation.

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