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FAMILY MEDICINE PHYSICIAN (Tinian Island, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) Salary 190k (the CNMI enjoys one of the lowest tax burdens in the U.S., so please compare using tax information provided below) Qualification Requirements: Permanent only. (1 yr. minimum) Must be U.S. or Canadian trained. Board certification required. Family Medicine Experience required. ACLS/BLS required. CNMI license required. (Application process supported by Human Resources staff) Licensing and credentialing takes 6-8 weeks (Process: Present CV and, if cleared, candidate will be notified by email with employment application attached. Three recent references are also required.) Job Description: Tinian Health Center is an ambulatory satellite facility that runs under the auspices of the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation on Saipan. The island is located about 130 miles north of Guam and 5 miles south of Saipan. The Center has the following sections: Emergency Room, Outpatient Clinic (Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology), Public Health Services (Birth Defects Surveillance, Intervention & Referral to Services Program, Immunization Program, Maternal Child Health Bureau, Non-Communicable Disease Bureau, HIV/STD Program, Chest Clinic), Bureau of Environmental Health, Community Guidance Center (CGC), Health & Vital Statistics Office (HVSO), Women Infant Children (WIC). Tinian is a remote island, with a population around 1,500. This is a fairly isolated assignment and requires strong interest and well-rounded experience in rural medicine practice. A broad skill-set is needed along with the ability to know when to send the patient on or ask for help. Tinian has limited and frequently changing resources. The ER and on-call staff in Saipan are always available for consult, however, some on-call schedule may be added. The EHR is CareVue. Schedule: Typically, hours will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Overall, the workload is light, but can get busy on occasion, an average of 10-20 patients a day. Some On-call time schedule may be added. Benefits include: International flight from point of recruitment. Return flight to original embarkation is included, to be arranged upon completion of contract. Rental car and housing costs covered for duration (locums) or first 30 days (permanent). Malpractice coverage is provided under the Tort Claims act Holiday Pay: CNMI observed holidays (The CNMI observes a total of 15 paid holidays.) Annual Leave: Eight (8) hours per pay period (bi-weekly), on a full-time Employment Contract Sick Leave: Four (4) hours per pay period (bi-weekly) Health and Life Group Insurance: Cost-sharing per Corporate policies Health Insurance: AETNA Health Insurance Life Insurance: Individual Assurance Company Life, Health, & Accident (IAC) 401a Retirement Plan Option: ASC Trust Corporation National Health Service Corp site. Those interested can apply for loan repayment. What is great about this job: Tropical island climate without seasons, steady average temp of 84 degrees with occasional short rain showers. World-class snorkeling and dive spots in crystal-clear waters. Affordable jumping-off point for exploring Asia, Australia, and the Western Pacific Islands. Tort reform area with minimal risk of litigation based on CNMI laws. One of the lowest tax burdens in the U.S.: If in the CNMI 183 days or more during the tax year (and otherwise meets requirements), then CNMI residency status is met for that year. As a result, earnings are taxed at the maximum CNMI (xe2x80x9cstatexe2x80x9d) tax rate of 9% and there is a 90% rebate of U.S. federal income tax on income earned within the CNMI. If in the CNMI less than 183 days, the IRS taxes the income earned within the CNMI the same as U.S. mainland earnings for federal income tax purposes. No sales tax. What this means for residents is that we do not file with the U.S. IRS, but only with Tax and Revenue here on island. After-tax amount retained on a $190,000 salary here is roughly the equivalent to that of a $287,880 salary in New York or San Francisco. Add to that the fact that there is no sales tax in the CNMI. Job Type: Full-time Salary: $190,000.00 per year Work Location: In person

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