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Looking for a Part Time & Full Time PhysicianPRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESReporting to the Supervising Physician, the Family Medicine Physician is an integral member of Serve the People team, participating in major policy decisions. Working closely with the Medical Director they will oversee the clinical/medical operations of the clinical programs (Reproductive Health Services, Family Practice, Prenatal, and Pediatrics). S/He will help develop, organize and implement all of the medical aspects of the clinical services programs. S/He will work with the Medical Director to achieve the program goals and objectives. As part of the onboarding process, the candidate’s cognitive and physical abilities will be assessed by the Supervising Physician to ensure the capability to meet the demands of the role effectively. Lead the development and implementation of innovative care models that improve patient outcomes in Reproductive Health Services, Family Practice, Prenatal, and Pediatrics.JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESFamily Medicine PhysicianPerform advanced diagnostic tests including EKGs and echocardiograms as part of routine patient assessments.Conducts physical assessments, administers prescribed treatment and dispenses medications, performs diagnostic tests; reviews and interprets laboratory findings and follow up in accordance with standardized procedures and protocols. (50%)Provides surveillance of medical regimens for the patient adjust regimens within established procedures and refers complex patient care problems to the Supervising Physician for assessment and advice. (10%)Assess, reassess, plans, counsels, teaches, and demonstrates nursing care to patients, family members or other persons who will give care to patients; assess and reassess individuals and families understanding and carrying out medical recommendations and in making necessary adjustments in the treatment regimen. (10%)Provides teaching and counseling aimed at prevention of illness and accident modification of risk factors to health and maintenance of high-level wellness. (10%)Accurately and concisely, documents in the patientxe2x80x99s medical record findings, instructions, education and services rendered. (20%)Develop and conduct quarterly educational workshops for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants on the latest clinical practices and patient care techniques.Additional Responsibilities:Identifies components of the regimen that may be delegated to any other personnel and may provide teaching and/or guidance, when necessary.Collaboratively works with other health agencies and families in the physical and emotional transitions of care.Provides initial care of emergencies and arranges for continuing definitive care.Consults and collaborates with members of the health care team and with families in the assessment and management of health care problems and in the physical and emotional transitions of care.Provides input to the development, revision and implementation of protocols, policies, and standard procedures and to the identification of program goals, objectives and chances.Actively participates in Quality Assurance and Safety Programs.Actively participate in interdisciplinary team meetings to discuss patient care plans and integrate medical expertise with behavioral health and social services.Performs other duties as assigned.KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIESDemonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served, including knowledge of principles of growth and development and psychosocial characteristics and interventions for infant (0-1 year), child (1-5 years), school age (6-12 years), adolescent (13-17 years), young adult (18-45 years), middle adult (46-60 years), older adult (60+ years).Age-specific patient needs that employee is required to understand and meet for infant (0-1 year), child (1-5 years), school age (6-12 years), adolescent (13-17 years), young adult (18-45 years), middle adult (46-60 years), and older adult (60+ years).Demonstrates the ability to assess, reassess and interpret age appropriate data about the patient’s status in order to identify age-specific needs and provide the care needed.Excellent verbal and written communication skills.Demonstrate excellent crisis management skills, maintaining professionalism and calmness under high-pressure situations.Skill in making appropriate decisions to benefit patients and meet company objectives.Ability to prioritize work and complete it on a timely basis with minimal supervision.Ability to follow procedures.Ability to deal with change and seek out opportunities to effect change to promote patient care.Strong customer service approach to problem solving situations.Ability to read, write, understand and spell English correctly. Fluency in both English and Spanish is required to effectively communicate with our diverse patient population.GENERAL AGENCY DUTIESFosters an environment that promotes multidisciplinary team care consisting of trust and cooperation among all staff.Enforces clinic policies and procedures.Maintains confidentiality of all patient and employee information to all except designated employees.Informs Supervising Physician of matters of general interest and problem areas as such are determined or discovered.Uphold Serve the People’s values of compassion, integrity, and excellence in every patient interaction and peer relationship.PERSONAL/BEHAVIORDisplays cheerful demeanor and makes positive comments when on duty.Refrains from participation in harmful gossip, dysfunctional group interactions and divisive behavior.Displays courteous and professional behavior in all interactions with the public.Works cooperatively with other staff members.Displays flexibility in accepting, changing or carrying out assignments.Adheres to dress code expectations, including fragrance-free requirements.Displays sensitivity in a multicultural environment.EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTSM.D. or D.O. DegreeMust be Board Certified in Family Medicine at the time of employment.Three yearsxe2x80x99 experience in acute ambulatory care.Minimum of two years of direct clinical experience in a high-volume ambulatory care setting required.Possession of DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) LicenseRequires problem solving, decision making and critical thinking.Requires excellent leadership, organizational, written, and verbal communication skills.Must be able to work in a self-directed environment, with an ability to work with and lead teams.Bilingual (English/Spanish) with comprehension of medical terms in both Spanish and English are required.Treat all people with dignity, respect, compassion and integrity at all times (i.e. when speaking on the telephone, to visitors, and company personnel).Performs all other duties as assigned and within the MD/DO scope of care.PHYSICAL DEMANDS:STANDING/WALKING:xc2xa0Up to 25% of the workday consists of standing/walking on tile and cement floors while performing duties.SITTING:xc2xa0Up to 30% of the workday may be spent sitting documenting, conducting telehealth visits, seeing patients, etc.LIFTING:xc2xa0Lifting may include up to 5 lbs. of items such as charts. 5% of the day involves lifting requiring a full range of motion.CARRYING:xc2xa0Up to 5% of the day may include carrying objects weighing up to 10 lbs.PUSHING/PULLING:xc2xa0Up to 5% of the day may require pushing or pulling equipment, drawers, or carts.CLIMBING:xc2xa0No more than 3% of the time may include climbing one flight of stairs.BALANCING:xc2xa0Up to 1% of the time may be required to use a footstool in retrieving supplies.STOOPING/KNEELING:xc2xa0Up to 5% of the workday is spent stooping or kneeling to open drawers and gathering equipment.BENDING:xc2xa0Up to 25% of the workday may be spent in bending at the waist.CROUCHING/CRAWLING: None required.REACHING/STRETCHING:xc2xa0Up to 3% of the time may require reaching or stretching to retrieve equipment or supplies on shelves.HANDLING:xc2xa0Hand and wrist movement is required 100% of the workday.DEXTERITY: Up to 30% of the workday involves writing or keyboarding, receiving and sending messages.FEELING:xc2xa0Normal tactile feeling is required to perform all job duties.THROWING:xc2xa0none required.TWISTING:xc2xa0Up to 5% of the day may be required in retrieving supplies or equipment.TALKING:xc2xa0Average ability and fluency in English and Spanish is required in communicating with patients, staff, and outside agencies, such as pharmacies and physicians’ offices.HEARING:xc2xa0Average ability is required in answering the telephone or telehealth calls and performing all job duties.SEEING:xc2xa0Average ability is required to read and follow instructions while using a computer.

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